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About Our Laboratories

Stork Medical’s partner laboratories are located in Allendale, New Jersey and Orlando, Florida. As can be reviewed below, our laboratories are fully credentialed and are leaders in the field of cord blood processing and storage. Our laboratories have been proven successful in maximizing the number of stem cells preserved, as well as a long history of successful transplants after long term storage.

Storage Method

A multiple compartment 25cc bag is used. (Your baby’s cord blood is collected by your healthcare provider into a 250cc bag. After our laboratory experts remove all of the stem cells from this larger bag, the stem cells are then placed into a 25cc bag that contains a special FDA approved preservative). This smaller bag has multiple compartments so that less than the total sample can be thawed for transplant, if desired.

Standard Cord Blood Testing
  • Total nucleated cell count

  • Total mononucleated cell count

  • Bacterial culture

  • Fungal culture

  • ABO/Rh typing

  • CD34+

  • Pre processing cell viability count

  • Post processing cell viability count

Are you ready?
Standard Maternal Blood Testing
  • Hbc

  • HCV

  • NAT

  • HbsAG

  • CMV

  • HIV I

  • HTLV<


  • RPR

  • Antibody Screen 

  • American Association of Blood Banks

  • FDA registered

  • National Marrow Donor Program Donor Center

  • American Society of Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics

  • CLIA

  • FDA

  • Florida

  • New York & New Jersey Cord Blood License

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission

  • New Jersey Department of Health

Florida Laboratory Specifics
  • Over 18 years experience as a cord blood stem cell laboratory.

  • Over 200,000 clients

  • Approximately 50 transplants

  • FDA compliant

  • Battery back-up for storage tanks

  • Emergency Back-up Generator

  • 24 hour storage tank monitoring

  • 10,000 gallon, 30 day, onsite liquid nitrogen supply

  • Structure is built to withstand category 5 winds

New Jersey Laboratory Specifics
  • Over 50 years as a Blood Center

  • More than 190 successful transplants

  • 24/7 Staffing; Always Open

  • FDA compliant

  • Battery back-up for storage tanks

  • Emergency Generator that backs-up entire facility

  • Storage tanks have 24 hour monitoring

  • American Association of Blood Banks

  • National Marrow Donor Program

  • American Association of Tissue Banks

  • Society of Cryobiology

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