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Armed Forces Pricing and Program Detail

Everyone who has served in our military qualifies for our military discount.

This includes everything necessary to extract, transport, process and store your baby's umbilical cord stem cells until your baby’s fifth birthday. There is no obligation to store these cells past the age of five, but if desired, reasonably priced monthly storage rates will then apply. Currently, the monthly storage rate is $10.00. Discounted, long-term storage contracts and payment programs are available.

All Military

Total Cost for Five Years: $1600


As with all families who choose to store their baby's cord blood, the cord blood and maternal blood samples must meet FDA requirements for storage. A fully executed contract must be completed prior to family's receiving their extraction kits.


Please note that because of the increased security on some military bases, we may not be able to pick up your samples, but we can assist you with the proper instructions for delivery to our courier service.


Click here for additional information on Pricing and Payment options.


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This offer is available only in the continental United States. Without an executed contract, this program is subject to cancellation at any time and without prior notice. This offer is void where prohibited. This offer may not be combined with any other discount coupon, program, or promotion.


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