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Request The Gift Of Peace of Mind
Receive Gifts Towards the Cost of Cord Blood Stem Cell Storage

Mom and Dad, (To Be!)


If you have friends, relatives, or co-workers who would like to purchase gift certificates on your behalf, you can establish a gift registry account with Stork. You can then print the letter and distribute it to the ones that you would like to ask to help with the financial costs.

Make sure to print the Mother’s date of birth and full name on the letters so that your friend or loved one will be able to give accurate information to us. We will credit your account each time a gift is received and send an acknowledgement to you of the gift.


The entire payment is credited to your account. Gifts given in excess of the purchase price will be credited toward future years of storage. 


Gift Certificates can be purchased over the telephone or by regular mail.


Complete the form and a staff member will be in contact with you soon.

Establish A Gift Registry Account:

Your details were sent successfully!

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