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FAQ's on Cord Blood Stem Cells and Storage

Below are links to videos of physicians answering the most commonly asked questions about Cord Blood Storage, Stem Cells, and the Science behind them!

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FAQ Regarding Stork Medical (Written Responses)
More information can be found in our Video Library
Unique Questions sent in by Site Visitors:
If I want to have my baby at home (homebirth), can I still store my baby's cord blood?
In order to store your baby's cord blood someone has to be trained to extract the cord blood from the umbilical cord after it is cut. Mom and baby are generally somewhere else getting to know each other, even if it is just another part of the room.  The collection kit is provided but training on how to collect the stems cells is needed to ensure you have a viable sample.  Our team works with Doula's, Midwives, and Doctors to train them on how to properly extract the stem cells, so if your birthing professional has not been trained we are happy to work with you.  There have been instances where a family member wants to be trained. (For instance the father of the baby.) Please contact us if you have a unique situation so that we can work with you.
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