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How is umbilical cord blood collected for storage?


This is a pain-free process using umbilical cord blood that would otherwise be discarded. Stem cell collection usually begins several minutes after you and your partner have been given your baby to hold. Nothing extra is done to your baby, and it should not interrupt your bonding time as a family. Prior to delivery, Mom will have to undergo a blood draw, to be sent with the cord blood, to undergo federally mandated screening for infectious diseases.

Your doctor will deliver the placenta (after-birth), and then, using our specialized collection kit, steriley collect the placental cord blood. Some doctor’s will collect blood from the cord while waiting for the placenta to be delivered. This method tends to increase the amount of blood collected, but also increases the risk of contamination. All stem cell samples are tested for viability and contamination prior to being accepted for long-term storage. Pictures of the collection process can be found in our slide show under the “Learn More” tab and click "Cord Blood Extractions" from the drop down menu. Our pamphlet also has several pictures in order to help.

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