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Is Cord Blood Storage Important For Military Families?

Serving in the military is one of the noblest things an individual can do. But, serving involves risk.  Many military families choose to store their babies cord blood because it is not only beneficial for the child but could one day be beneficial for a parent.  Research continues to advance with more and more uses for cord blood stem cells and the best option is always cord blood from your own cord or from an immediate relative.



  • Cord blood is used to treat many life threatening illnesses like leukemia

  • Cord blood is used to treat hearing loss

  • Cord blood is used to repair injuries

  • Cord blood is used to treat cerebral palsy


In the future:

Cord blood storage will save many lives, cure many diseases, and repair damage that is unthought of today. Stored cord blood can remain viable for many years. 


What reason do you have for storing your child's cord blood? Download our resource on cord blood storage for military families and find out.

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