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Comparison of Leading Cord Blood Banking Companies
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When you choose Stork Medical to store your newborn’s cord blood, your total cost is $1,700.00.

Stork Medical guarantees that you will not receive any other bills. We even cover the full physician fee!
As you can see, we offer the same or better service than these other excellent companies, but charge far less. 





Explanation of Terms

 The courier service will pick-up your cord blood sample from your post-partum room. This allows for uninterrupted bonding for your new family as well as direct confirmation that the sample has started its transport.


OVERNIGHT TRANSPORT: Transportation of your cord blood to the processing laboratory occurs within twenty-four hours of pick-up.


TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED TRANSPORT: Stem cells survive best at room temperature. For high quality tissue transport services, keep the sample at room temperature. Even on a nice day, the cargo area of standard delivery services can have extreme temperatures. Temperature control is more important than delivery speed in assuring stem cell viability. This is why Stork Medical does not use package delivery services.


LABORATORY TRANSPLANTS: Laboratories with large numbers of transplants have proven their ability to successfully process, store, and transport specimens.


FREE STEM CELL RETRIEVAL: Without charge, these companies agree to prepare the stem cell sample for transportation to your chosen hospital. This does not however include the cost of transportation.


FULL PHYSICIAN FEE INCLUDED: The physician fee can vary widely from one healthcare provider to another. Only Stork Medical agrees to cover the entire fee. Other companies that claim to pay your healthcare provider actually place a cap on the fee. This capped fee does not typically cover the entire charge. Stork’s policy makes it unnecessary for you to negotiate with your healthcare provider or hassle over insurance coverage.


CANCELLATION FEES: This is a fee charged by our competitors if the cord blood is not collected because you delivered unexpectedly, changed your mind, forgot, etc. Stork Medical offers a full refund when your collection kit is returned unused.


HIDDEN CHARGES: You may have noticed how difficult it is for you to determine your total out-of-pocket costs when looking at other websites. This is because hidden charges are often present. Only Stork Medical has a total price guarantee and completely transparent pricing. This is why it is so easy to find the price of our service.


MASSIVE MILITARY DISCOUNT: Almost all companies offer a discount to soldiers, but only Stork Medical offers massive discounts to anyone who has ever defended our country. This encompasses all service branches including the National Guard and Coast Guard.


HONORED IN UNITED STATES CONGRESS: Only Stork Medical has been honored in the United States Congress for its massive military discount program. In fact, Stork has received two Congressional Tributes; one from each side of the political aisle.


ANNUAL STORAGE FEE: This is the yearly charge after the baby turns one year old. Over a lifetime, the difference in charges can add up to a large amount of money.


TOTAL PRICE GUARANTEED: Stork Medical guarantees that your total cost for our standard one year storage plan is $1,700. This includes all costs associated with your baby’s cord blood until your baby’s first birthday. If you opt for an extended payment plan, the cost is slightly more, but equally transparent and also guaranteed. Our competitors often make it difficult to find their total cost and even then conceal additional charges that will eventually be billed to you after your cord blood is successfully stored.


TOTAL ADVERTISED COST: These charges are taken from the competitor’s websites. They do not include hidden charges or discount coupons. Only Stork Medical guarantees that this is your total cost.

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