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Compare Cord Blood Banks and Services

It is always important to compare your options before making a decision about family cord blood services.  Listed below you will find the reasons that we believe that we offer an advantage over other private cord blood banks. You are an individual family member to us and not just another number.  The personal touch and personal attention is important to us. Find out other things that we think set us apart below, then visit or Cord Blood Banking Comparisons of us and other companies.

The Stork Medical Advantage
For Cord Blood Stem Cell Storage, Stork Medical offers an unbeatable combination of premium quality, spectacular customer service, great pricing, corporate stability, and charitable good works .
1.  Stork has the nation's finest processing and storage laboratories. 
  • With a combined experience of nearly 80 years handling blood products and over 1,000 successful cord blood transplants, you can be certain that your baby's cord blood is in experienced hands.  
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2.  Temperature controlled overnight cord blood transportation.
  • The key to successful stem cell storage is temperature control. Thus, Stork has hired the nation's finest tissue transport specialists to make certain that your baby's cord blood is not only delivered quickly, but also in a temperature controlled environment.
3.  Sample pick-up from your hospital room.
  • In most locations, Stork will pick-up your cord blood from your post-partum room. 
  • We have always and will continue to use collection bags free of heparin.
4. Accredited storage facilities.
  • Our storage facilities are accredited and recognized by the American Association of Blood Banks, the National Marrow Donor Program, the American Association of Tissue Banks, and the Society of Cryobiology. We offer only the best storage options for our customers.
5.  Total Price Guarantee
  • Stork guarantees that there are not any hidden charges or surcharges. Deliver on Christmas Day...No problem and no extra charge. Of course your doctor wants to be paid for his/her services...No problem and no extra charge. When you sign-up with Stork, there will not be any unpleasant surprises. We guarantee it! We strive to offer affordable cord blood banking`.
6.  Low initial cost
  • The total cost is just $1,700.00 if paid at the time of delivery. This is approximately $500.00 less then other quality companies. You also spread out the cost of cord blood banking through one of our monthly payment plans.
7.  Low recurrent cost
  • Annual storage after your baby turns one year old is $108.00. This is also significantly less then other quality companies.
Customer Service
8.  Stork's customer service  is the envy of the industry.
  • When you call us for information, we won't pester you with follow-up phone calls, "special promotions", or "buy now" discount coupons. You are not buying a used car, and you shouldn't be treated as if you're on a car lot.
  • When you sign-up with Stork Medical, you will be assigned a cord blood support specialist who will make certain that all of your expectations are met for your cord blood stem cell storage.
  • Once we have your baby's cord blood stem cells, we will contact you to inform you of the volume your doctor collected, the quality of the cord blood stem cells, and the sterility of the sample.
  • Upon completion of all testing, you will receive a cord blood storage certificate to place with other important family papers.
Corporate Stability
9.  You may store these cells for 100 years, so the company you hire needs to be stable.
  • We expect to be with you and your family forever.  That's why we say we offer family cord blood services. However, we also recognize our responsibility to have contingency plans to make certain the trust you have placed in us is never betrayed.
  • Stork Medical and its laboratories are approaching 80 years of combined experience and longevity.
  • Stork Medical has been honored twice by the 110th Congress of the United States of America for their $60 million charitable pledge to our military. This is evidence of our fiscal strength.
  • In this world, where even multi-billion dollar companies have disappeared overnight (Enron, WorldCom, etc,) it is extremely important to trust your baby's cord blood to a company that understands its responsibility to you. For this reason, Stork Medical and its labs are separate corporations. In the unlikely event that Stork Medical or its laboratories were to have problems, the other is legally bound to honor your contract fully and without change or charge.
  • Stork Medical is privately owned, while our laboratories are publicly owned. This creates even more stability, as economic and social turmoil, over time, are unlikely to affect two separate and different corporate structures equally.
  • Because we take your trust in us with the utmost seriousness, and because we know that many samples will be stored for decades, we guarantee to transport your sample to a sister lab, at our cost in the unlikely event that all of the corporations were to close. We also pledge to keep you informed in advance of any such difficult issues.
Charitable Good Works
10.  When you choose to store with Stork, part of your purchase is used to make cord blood storage available to our military.
  • Stork Medical and its original partner laboratory, Community Blood Services have been honored twice by the 110th Congress of the United States of America for their $60 million charitable pledge to our military. We now welcome the participation of Cryobanks International in this noble cause.
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