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Customer Comments from Survey

Thank you to all of the new Stork Families that responded to our survey. The latest survey results are listed below. Most importantly, and once again, 100% of the respondents said that they would use Stork Medical again, and that they would recommend Stork Medical to friends and family!  


We remain humbled and honored by your kindness and trust.


"Excellent contact with the customer! I felt very secure in my decision to go with Stork." Stehanie S., Shrewsbury, PA


"Awesome easy experience! I enjoy the email newsletter too!" Mary Lou S., Columbus, GA

"Everything was excellent!" Jennifer C., Atlanta, GA


"Great customer service...very friendly staff and very easy to work with." Susan G., Daniel Island, SC


"Fantastic customer service. Every question I had was answered. Everyone was very helpful. Thank you for your discounted prices for the military...We appreciate it, but get the word out there! We almost spent twice as much with ViaCord. A week before my due date we heard about Stork and switched." Kate Z., Middle Island, NY


"Hands on, personal attention given by the staff! Great treatment/pricing given to the military!  Please promote your company in Tricare facilities nationwide." Leona S., San Diego, CA


"I want to thank you for a job well done. Stork Medical made the entire process easy and stress free. When Elizabeth told me that Stork would make cord blood storage the least stressful part of having a baby, she was good to her word...Thank you!" Terry T., Las Vegas, NV


"The Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The courier was prompt and couteous." Ginger A., Columbus, GA


"Excellent in every way!" Jess M., Philadelphia, PA


"Prompt pick-up and service...Security measures were great." Jennifer O., Augusta, GA


"You did everything well. Keep-up the great work. We would highly recommend your company." Jennifer P., McDonough, GA


"Stork was easy to contact with questions. Your answers to questions were clear and understandable." Kim O., Augusta, GA


"You did a great job with everything! From contacting us on a regular basis to keeping us informed. You have done an exemplary job throughout!" Tiffany N., El Paso, TX


"The Nurses and Dr. Joseph all commented on how easy you have made the process--I feel sure you will be recommended by their office." Sarah C., Mt. Pleasant, SC


"Thank you for being such a wonderful company to work with...I have already recommended your company to my friends and the staff at the OB/GYN office. Keep up the good work!" JoAnn H., Bethesda, MD


"Customer service was great. Elizabeth Appledorn was able to answer all of my questions." Mary A., Augusta, GA


"Great customer service!" Kristin B., Knoxville, TN


"We were very impressed by the professionalism and depth of knowledge of the Stork Medical staff. The doctors and nurses were always available to answer our myriad of questions. They were patient, kind, and understanding." Becky W., New York, NY


"Everything happened just as described." Sara N., Norwalk, CT


"I was very impressed with Stork Medical. I was especially surprised when the doctor called us personally by phone twice (before and after cord blood retrieval) to see if we had any questions about any part of the process. To me, that was comforting. Thanks Stork Medical." Kristy P., Ringgold, GA


"My experience with your company has been nothing less than phenomenal. I was treated as a person, not a number.  My questions, and my family's questions, were answered fully and patiently. I was comforted by the passion and support displayed by the staff. Thank you for all that you do." Sarah P., Sumter, SC


"Your service was excellent and your total price guarantee was very reassuring. There are many other companies that could learn important lessons from Stork Medical." Brad F., Salt Lake City, UT


""We highly recommend you to others everyday!" Marissa Y., Columbus, GA


"We were very pleased with our service! Thank you." Stephanie A., Hanahan, SC


"Thanks a lot for your care!" Jovana S., Baldwinsville, NY


"We will definitely use Stork again and tell all of our friends as well!"--Beth R., Denver, CO


"Great so far!"--Venus V., Miami, FL


"Stork Medical was very easy to work with and true to its advertising.  It has been a pleasure."-- Bob W., Chicago, IL


"We view Pam as part of our extended family.  She is caring, friendly, and knowledgeable.  Pam and your company are wonderful!"--Peggy M., Tampa Bay, FL


"Miranda made the experience a great one!  Thank you!"--Laura G., Midland GA


"It has been a very easy process, thanks!!!"--Laura S., Cleveland, GA


"Everything was easy!  We appreciate the recogniton you give to the military families--Thanks!!--Shannon T. Jacksonville, AL


"Our experience with Stork Medical could not have been better.  Your customer service is extremely good.  Everyone I have spoken with has been friendly, smart, and well trained.  I also appreciate your transparent pricing.  Knowing all of the costs upfront and not having to negotiate fees with my doctor makes the entire process easy and stress free."--Michelle M., San Jose, CA. 


"We are very pleased with Stork Medical's Service.  Thank you!"--Deena E., Cleveland, OH


"It was wonderful doing business with you.  I feel very secure in the fact that we chose your company for our cord blood banking.  You communicated with us regularly, answered all our questions, and we had a wonderful experience overall!"-- Tiffany T. Cartersville, GA


"Your customer service was excellent...I was also impressed that the president of your company called to see if I had any questions...If we have more kids, we will definitely consider using Stork Medical again."--Nancy C., Atlanta, GA


"We called Stork at the last minute and you still got the job done...Thank you."--Terese M., Los Angeles, CA


"We were very impressed with Stork Medical's professionalism and customer service."--Hannah L., Midland, GA


"We were very pleased with Stork Medical!  We could not have asked for you all to have been better!  Thank you!--Tara S., Augusta, GA


"This was our second baby using Stork Medical.  Once again, your company did a great job.  If we have a third child, we will definitely use your company again.  Thank you."--Sarah H., Atlanta, GA


"We will spread the word about your company.  You could not have done a better job!"--Jolene K., New York., NY


"We would definitely use your company again and we plan to tell all of our pregnant friends about you!  Thank you for everything."--Effie F., Los Angeles, CA


"I am very pleased with your company, everything worked-out wonderfully!  Thank you."--April C., Gainesville, GA


"Happy, Happy, Happy...both with our baby and your company!"--Sofia M., Columbus, OH


"We just moved to Columbus, but plan to tell all of our friends in Atlanta about your company.  Your company did a fantastic job!" Gary T., Columbus, GA


"Ya'll are the best!  Everyone associated with your company was kind, helpful, and considerate.  My husband and I were very pleased and impressed."--Julie C., Opeleika, AL

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Customer Comments:

“Thanks for putting the price in the brochure. It made it easy to know how much my husband and I would have to spend. It was also great to know that this was the total cost. Some of the other companies don’t include the cost of transportation or physician fees in their price.” Emily Y., Boston, MA


“I loved the pictures!” --Sofie L., New York, NY


“I learned a lot…Thank you.” --Leigh B., Peoria, IL


“Very professional and persuasive” --Dan G., Chicago IL


“Easy to read and understand”--Barbara M., Columbus, GA

Customer Comments:

"Quite comprehensive. Virtually all of my questions and concerns were answered. I'm glad my doctor gave this to me. It made a big difference for my husband and me. We had heard about stem cells, but we really didn’t know anything about them. Thanks Stork!"--Linda S., Columbus, GA


"I appreciated getting all of this information in one binder. I was trying to get information from my doctor, but she didn’t seem all that knowledgeable about this topic. Your packet was fair and rich in information."--Lisa M., Philidelphia, PA

Customer Comments:

"My baby was born at 2:13am. We called Stork at about 2:45am. The courier took the sample from my husband’s hands at 3:35am. You told us your customer service was spectacular, but we had no idea how efficient and excellent you really are!"--Tanya J., Peachtree City, GA


"Because our baby was born Christmas morning, my wife and I were worried that there would be a problem with transporting our baby’s cord blood. Stork could not have been more professional or timely. With a single telephone call, the tissue transport company arrived in about an hour to pick-up our cord blood."--Joselyn P., Atlanta, GA


"I really appreciated the personal telephone call letting me know my baby’s cord blood was accepted for processing. Thank you."Ellie O., Nashville, TN


"Extremely timely"--Ben B., Hollywood, CA

Customer Comments:

“Pam was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. When you say ‘Welcome to the Stork Family’, I now know why. Pam treated me with kindness, sincerity, and the type of gentleness that one rarely sees anymore.”--Sonia M., Columbus, GA


“Thank you, thank you, thank you…We signed-up at the last minute, and Mike actually personally delivered our kit within about two hours of our call to Stork. He drove over an hour to get to us! Mike deserves a raise!”--Linda G., Deluth, GA


“Ray spent nearly an hour on the telephone with me, patiently answering all of my questions. He could not have been more kind.”--Marilyn H., Atlanta, GA


“We didn’t meet with our sales person, we only spoke to her on the telephone. I was very pleased not to have any sales pressure. We had previously called another company and felt like we were on a used car lot. I found your company to be extremely professional.”--James C., San Diego, CA


“Ray came by the hospital to see the baby and wish us well. We were so surprised (and pleased) by his thoughtfulness. I don’t know how you go about picking and training your staff, but other companies (including my hospital) need to learn from you.”--Sheila M., Atlanta, GA


“Melissa was kind and helpful.” Rebecca W., New York, NY


“Dawn has a great sense of humor. Thanks for making my day brighter.” John R., Pittsburgh, PA

Customer Comments:

"We actually spoke to a doctor! Your advertisement said we could, but I didn’t believe it. The doctor was very pleasant and helpful. I apologize to my wife for making fun of her when she told me that this could be done and I didn’t believe her. –She made me write that."--Greg T., San Francisco, CA


"The doctor answered all of our questions."--Alice F., Auburn, AL


"The doctor was extremely helpful."--Graciella R., Miami, FL


"I couldn’t believe we could speak to a doctor."--Julia A., Tampa, FL.

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