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These videos have been created thanks to Jonathan Liss, M.D. and Professor Arthur J. Provisor, M.D.
Stork Medical Video Library

As part of Stork Medical's effort to help expectant parents make an informed decision in regard to cord blood stem cell storage, these video's address frequently asked question are of great importance. Stork Medical prides itself on helping young parents make a wise and pressure free decision in regard to this sometimes confusing science.

Why bank cord blood?


What is a stem cell?


How long can stem cells be stored?


What testing is performed on the cord blood sample?


Why is it important to store stem cells?


What is a stem cell transplant?


How do I retrieve my baby's stem cells?


Are there any risks to storing cord blood?


Does it matter how much cord blood is collected?


Why is Stork Medical so popular with the military?


Can cord blood help newborns who have brain injuries?


Who in the family can use the newborn's stem cells?


Can stem cells aggressively treat cancer?


Why should obstetricians take a fresh approach to family cord blood banking?


Would you store your child's or grandchild's cord blood?


How does adoption change the collection process?


With twins, is it necessary to store both babies' cord blood?


Are there any disorders that would prevent a person from storing cord blood?


What Is The Most Common Reason That Newborn Stem Cells Are Used?


What Is The Difference Between Embryonic And Umbilical Cord Stem Cells?


How Does A C-Section Affect Cord Blood Collection?


As A Doctor, Would You Advise A Family To Bank Cord Blood?


Who In The Family Can Use The Newborn's Stem Cells?


Medical Miracles With Cord Blood Stem Cells?


Do You Think That Cord Blood Banking Will Become The Standard Of Care In The Future?


What Is The Difference Between Private And Public Cord Blood Storage?


Are Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Used Frequently?



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