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Why Store Your Baby's Cord Blood?

The reasons to save newborn stem cells are as varied as the families that choose to store them. In this whitepaper you will find the top five reasons why we believe you should store your babies cord blood. Here's what you can expect to learn:


  • Cord blood storage is insurance for the future just like other forms of insurance policies, you purchase them in the hopes that you never have to use them. 

  • Cord blood storage is a prudent step if their is family history of specific illnesses. By storing your babies cord blood, you can improve your chances of overcoming it.

  • Cord blood storage is a NOW decision. Stem cell research is a rapidly growing field.  The advances over the next few years could expand the opportunities for using cord blood stem cells. But if you don't get it now, you cannot go back later.

  • Cord blood storage is safe and painless. There is no risk to either you or the child during this process.

  • Cord blood research is an investment. Miraculous uses of cord blood only continue to be discovered.


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